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  CONSTRUMA - 38th International Building Trade Exhibition
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  Head of building works  
  Architect planner  
  Mechanical engineer  
     Water-gas heating installer  
     Door and window mechanic  
     Other mechanic  
  Building machinery operator  
  Interior designer  
  Real estate expert  
  Marketing, advertising  
  Research, development  
  Information technology  
  Representative of block houses  
  Garden planner  
  Landscape architecture  
  Trader of flowers and horticulture  
  Producer of flowers and horticulture  
What branch of business does your company belong to?*
(More than one category can be marked.)
  Building contractor, implementing  
  Structural engineering, construction  
  Building engineering  
  Building engineering installation  
  Electrical installation  
  Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation  
  Regeneration, renovation  
  Interior design  
  Building diagnostic  
  Cold covering, flooring  
  Painting, wallpapering  
  Roofing, tinning  
  Facility management  
  Architectural engineering  
  Engineering activities  
  Real estate activities  
  State administration  
  Retail business  
  Park maintaining  
  Gardening services  
What is your field of interest?*
(More than one field of interest can be marked.)
  Dach-tech (Roofing, tinning)  
       Gable roofs  
       Flat roofs, terraces, green roofs  
  Decorstone (decorative stone, natural stones, marble)  
       Stone materials  
       Material, products of marble, stone and granite industry  
       Machines of marble, stone and granite industry  
       Clamping technique  
       Monument protection, restoration, cleaning  
       Building electrical engineering  
       Intelligent building  
       Doors and windows  
       Glass industry  
       Gate technology  
       Screening technology  
  Inter-isola/waterproofing, insulation, sound-proofing  
       Walls and supporting structures  
       Insulating systems  
       Facade systems  
  Construma other thematics  
       Primary materials  
       Prefabricated houses  
       Scaffoldings, cradles  
       Tools, instruments, shutters, scaffolds  
       Construction machinery  
       Building industry software  
  Construma Garden  
     Plants, seeds  
     Garden and park   
     Garden furniture  
     Irrigation technology  
     Garden planning  
       Renewable energy sources  
       Heating engineering  
       Cooling engineering  
       Air-handling, ventilation and air-conditioning engineering  
       Sanitary engineering  
       Pumps and water treatment equipment  
       Drainage and sewage treatment  
       Installation engineering  
       Measuring, control ans process technology for buildings  
       Energy production, supply and storage  
       Bathroom and wellness  
       Stairs, balustrades  
       Home textiles  
       Large household appliances  
       Consumer electronics  
       Furnishing planning, consultancy  
       Hungarian design  

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