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Német-Magyar Ipari és Kereskedelmi Kamara

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  Packaging technology  
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  Vehicle manufacturers  
  Rubber industry  
  Manufacturing line design and construction  
  Waste management, processing  
  Industrial cleaning  
  Automotive supplier  
     Body and bodysytems  
     Engine and powertrain  
     Switching, Lighting, Signaling  
     Drives assistance systems/vehicle safety  
  Repair and installation  
  Marking technology  
  Maintenance, diagnostics  
  Environment protection  
  State administration  
  Research and development  
  Measuring technology  
  Engineering services  
  Work protection  
  Plastic industry  
  Warehousing, logistics  
  Trade association  
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  Vehicle manufacturers  
     Manufacturing of passenger cars  
     Manufacturing of vehicle with alternative power driving  
     Manufacturing of buses  
     Manufacturing of commercial vehicles and trailers  
  Manufacturing processes and services of suppliers  
     Plastics/Elastomers processing  
     Base material supplier  
  Automotive components and systems  
     Body and bodysytems  
     Engine and powertrain  
     Chassis (axles, steering, brakes, wheels)  
     Electronic components and systems  
     Switching, Lighting, Signaling  
     Drives assistance systems/vehicle safety  
  IT (Hardware and software)  
  Factory/production equipments  
     Assembly equipments  
     Automation systems, robots  
     Hand/power tools  
     Measuring equipments  
     Packaging equipments and materials  
     Paint, surface treatment  
     Labour safety and security  
     Marking equipments  
     Machine equipments  
     Adhesives technology (glue)  
     Lubrication materials  
  Business operation services  
     Measurement, equipment calibration  
     Transport and logistics  
     Material handling/storage  
     Engineering services  
     Waste management, processing  
     Industrial cleaning  
  Business services  
     Financial, Insurance and leasing services  
     Chambers, trade associations, state institutions, trade development  
     Marketing services  
     Publishers, professional magazines  
  Human Resources  
     Recruitment, labour  
     Training services  
     Research and development  
  Electronic fuel stations  
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  Intention to participate as an exhibitor in the future  
  Establish new business contacts, conclude business deals  
  To observe the competitors  
  Gather market information  
  View presentations and professional programs  
  Interested in innovation, novelties  
  Maintain existing business relations  

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